History: In September 1958, Zhejiang Medical College distributed part of her employees and equipments from Hangzhou to Wenzhou, to establish "2nd Zhejiang Medical College". There came into being Zhejiang Second Medical College Library, the predecessor of the library now. At the end of at the same year, the school changed her name into "Wenzhou Medical College", hence the name of Wenzhou Medical College Library. Due to the poor conditions at that time, the so-called library was no more than a temporary house, 3 library workers and a very limited number of book. Circulation of books was the only service available.
      During the 60’s and the early 70’s, very little development was made in terms of building, personnel and services except for a slow increase in the collection of books in the first few years right after the establishment of the library.


      In the late 70’s, with the social and economic development of the college and education in general, great progress was made: in 1979, the library building was completed, which ended the situation of “having a library without building”. The number of staff was increased to 18 and the library functions were also greatly improved.
      Since the late 90’s, even faster development has been achieved with the completion and use of the new library buildingof 5500㎡ in 1998. The construction of the modern library was starting.
      With the coming of the 21st century, the library began to develop very rapidly. In 2003, the well-equipped library building at Chashan new campus, which covers a ground area of 25000㎡was put into operation. More than 30 digital databases are available. Now the library, as the main information provider and the centre of literature collection, storage and transmission, has become a powerful support of the teaching and research work.
      Staff: The library includes 64 staff members in total, who are young, professional and intellectual.
      Organization: There are 5 departments specifically responsible for editing, circulating, reading, technical and information.