By the end of 2006, there are about 950 thousand copies of books in total ,including 150 thousand electronic books and more than 1200 kinds of hard copy periodicals either in Chinese or foreign languages. More than 30 databases are available.

Chinese digital database:

CNKI full-text database
Full-text academic papers
CNKI thesis & dissertation
Full-text thesis & dissertation
Chongqing Wip. Information Resources system
Full-text academic papers
Digital Journal Wanfang
Full-text academic papers
Thesis Database Wanfang
Full-text thesis & dissertation
Presentation Database Wanfang
Full text academic presentation
Medical Information Database Wanfang
Comprehensive database of the medical information
CMCC biomedical database
Academic abstracts of biological medicine
CBM bio-medical database
Academic abstracts of biological medicine
Traditional Chinese medicine database
Literature digests of traditional Chinese medicine
Chinese Encyclopedia
full-text Chinese encyclopedia
Shu Sheng Zhi Jia Electronic books
Chinese electronic book
Fangzheng apabi electronic books
Chinese electronic book

Digital Database in foreign languages:

Database Contents
Springer Link Full-text journals of all subjects
EBSCO host Full-text journals of all subjects
Medline Database of American bio-medical science
MD Consult Multi-types of clinical medical information system
World Sci Net (WSN) Full-text journals of all subjects
EBMR Clinical- & Experimental-based Materials
Micro MEDEX database of literature review contents database of bio-medicine & pharmacology
LWW(Lip pincott Williams & Wilkins) Full-text authority medical journals
BMJ (British Medical Journals) Full-text British authority medical journals
OUP (Oxford University Press) Full-text Oxford authority medical journals
BIOSIS Preview (BP) Life science abstracts & index database
Pro Quest Medical Library (PML) Full-text medical journals
NSTL Full-text database of 7 international publishers for science and technology
Science Direct full-text database of medical science & relevant subjects
Britain Encyclopedia Web Database British encyclopedia web edition
OCLC Net Library Full-text of all the subjects in foreign languages

Other digital database:

Adicoson Web Reports
Various academic reports、technical program DVs
Yinfu Exam-Simulation Platform
Simulated exams of computer, English, judicial, HSK, graduate entrance and exams for accountant/tax-collectors, public officials, customs officers?
Attached CD Stacks
CDs attached to the hard-copy books
WMC papers for Master’s and Doctor’s
Full-text papers for Master’s and Doctor’s of WMC
Booklist database of WMC Library Collections
Booklist database of the library collections