Rules & Regulations

General Rules
1. Keep yourself decent-looking. No shorts or slippers.
2. Be polite. Respect the librarian and keep order.
3. Please don’t bring your schoolbags and private books into the stacks or the reading rooms, Leave them in the cabinet (with your own locker) but not for an overnight.
4. Keep quiet. Don’t make calls in the reading sections.
5. Keep the library clean. No smoking. No spitting. No littering. No food or drink.
6.Take good care of the books and public property. You’ll be fined for the damage you make.
7. No posters unless permitted.
8. Follow the other rules of the library.

Rules for the Use of Library Login
1. All staff members, including the retired, and all the registered students are the natural readers of our library and entitled to enjoy the corresponding library
2. Only your Campus All-Power Card is valid when services need login. No more library card is to be processed.
3. Login is only for the user. Using or letting use others’ is considered to be violating the rules.
4, Once your Campus All-Power Card is lost, please report to the library as soon as possible.
5, Please remember to return all books and logout when you leave school(include graduation, drop-out, transfer, going abroad, etc.).

Borrow & return
1, Please go to the circulation desk to borrow or return books by your Campus
All-Power Card.
2, Only ordinary literature can be borrowed from the library.A certify is needed for borrowing other books like references,ancient books, rare books, periodicals or newspapers.
3, For ancient books, you have to be led into the stacks. However, you are able
to enter the stacks to search for other common types of books.
4, When you borrow books, please check carefully whether they are in good
conditions. If there’s any tearing, missing page or bad stains, please declare
to the librarian immedia-tely.
5, In order to promote the circulation, the library makes the following rules for the days you can keep the kooks according to the type of readers.
6, The library is authorized to request the return of the books under particular situ ations even though the books are not yet due.
7, Overdue punishment :0.1 yuan per day per copy will be fined for books overdue and meanwhile no books are allowed to be borrowed.
8, Readers should take good care of the library books. If there’s any doodling,tearing and staining, compensation is to be made as follows.

Total Limit
Literature Books
number time(day) renewal(day) number time(day)
Full-time staff  15 90 30 3 30
retired staff 10 90 30 3 30
Contract staff 10 90 30 3 30
Full-time graduates student 10 90 30 3 30
7-year program students 10 90 30 3 30
Full-time undergraduates 5 30 30 2 30
Part-time employees  2 30   2 30

1、Readers can return books the 1st week after school starts if books are due during winter or summer vacation.
2、《Atlas for Human Anatomy》may delay upon agreement until the end of the course.
3、Part-time employees will have to be guaranteed by their working department. 4、As a rule, literature books are not to be renewed.

violating situations
lost general Chinese books
30 times the original price for books published before 1973;
20 times the original price for books published during 1974-1988;
6 times the original price for books published during 1988-1997;
Twice the original price for books published after 2000
Lost foreign language books in the original
3 times the original price
Lost rare or ancient copies
Depending on the precious degree
Lost multi-volume books or books in series
refer to the complete set price
Doodling, drawing, tearing, staining
If the damage is severe enough to affect the integrity of a book, compensate as lost; otherwise, compensation is made within the original price of the book
Taking the books out of the library without borrowing processes
Fined 10 times the book’s price and discipline punishment
Keeping the books by other illegal means
Fined in reference to the above 。

1、For the lost or damaged books, new books are acceptable as compensation but 1.00 yuan has to be paid for labor.
2、If the lost book is found after compensation, readers can go to the financial department to get refunded.
3、The library is installed with theft-proof machines. Please respect yourself.

Rules for the Reading Rooms
1, Please register or use card when you enter the room.
2, Please don’t bring anything into the room except for pens and paper.
3, Periodicals and newspapers are all on the open racks. Please take one each time.
4, After you read, either replace them or leave them on the table.
5, Generally, newspapers are not to be borrowed. You may get them copied in
the library and return upon use.
6, Take good care of the newspapers and periodicals.
7, Please observe the general rules.

Rule for the Electronic Reading Room
1, This room is for the staff and students of this college only.
2, Your Campus All-Power Card is required to log on. Enter your login.
3, one computer for one person. Don’t share the chair.
4, Don’t play with the machine parts or move the machine to any other position.
5, Consult the librarian if you want to copy or print. Never delete the installed
programs in the computer or download and install any software.
6, Do not play games. In case you do, your login will be prohibited for 1 month
for the first offence and permanently for the next time.
7, Logging on the computer by an illegal login, punishment is the same as theft.
8. Observe strictly 《The Management Provisions for Computer Network and
Internet Information of the People's Republic of China》, 《The Security Protection of Computer Information System of the People's Republic of China》and other related national laws and provisions. Don’t browse, invent or spread any information against the law.
9. No smoking. No Food. No spitting. No littering. Please do not talk loudly or
walk freely.
10. Please consult the librarian in case of any questions.
11. Anyone who violates the rules above will be warned or other punishment
accordingly. Serious offenders will have to be sent to the department of Public Security for treatment.
12.The user is responsible for the damage caused by misoperation of the machine,

Rules for the Use of Schoolbag Cabinet
1, As it is not allowed to bring anything except pens and paper into the stacks
and reading rooms, the library offers cabinets on each floor for readers to put
schoolbags or other personal belongings.
2, Please use your own locker to keep your property safe. The library is not
responsible for the safety of the cabinet.
3,Please don’t occupy the cabinet for long or leave your things overnight.
4, Each night after the library is closed, the cabinets will be cleared.
5,Take good care of the schoolbag cabinets. Compensation for damage is