How to Search for Literature Resources

Digital Resources:
      Our digital resources are partly installed on the library native server and partly through the Web MSL. On campus these resources can be visited on any computer connected to campus intra-net. Outside campus customer can visit through a system(VPN), which is only available to the college staff. For details, please visit the library main page.
     Whether on or off campus, you have to enter the main page to visit the above resources. All arranged by category they are accessible if you just click correspondingly.
Here is the library main page:

Traditional Resources
      The traditional resources includes hard-copy books, periodicals and periodicals in bound version.
      All books and periodicals are arranged according to the discipline and language: medicine, arts and literature, comprehensive, references stacks and three reading rooms. All books are categorized according to《Chinese Books Categorization》(see appendix). Catalogue signs can be seen on both ends of the bookracks. Readers can find the books they want by following the signs. Readers can check information through the library catalogue system about the books they want, including whether the books are available, which stacks they are put.
      Huiwen Books Management System offers an internet management of hard-copy book. Its OPAC Module assists quick computer searching for the library catalogues, which is available to readers on the lobby of the circulation hall.
     For the specific search method, please refer to the library main page “Resources Search” menu.